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You Are MORE Than Enough

A personalized Mentorship Program

Learn to shift the harsh inner voice from sabotaging, critical, and judgmental to gentle, loving, and compassionate in a personalized 6 month program.


This coaching program is 100% tailored to your lifestyle and needs! We will see exactly where you are and be each other's guides. I'll always listen to your needs and make sure we are meeting them. We will create measurable goals and monitor them in order to accomplish them. I will provide the guidance that you need on how to make lasting changes, and offer resources to propel you even further.

"We are stars wrapped in skin. The light you are seeking has always been within." -Rumi

Are you ready to?

  • Build a stronger connection with yourself and those around you

  • Accept yourself right where you are at 

  • Reclaim your confidence

  • Be equipped to face life’s challenges with more resilience

What’s included?

  • Private one on one mentorship: 90 minute sessions

  • 3 sessions per month + 1 week of integration

  • Access to private messaging in between sessions (via text or WhatsApp)

  • Personalized practices to support you on your journey

  • One payment of $2900 or monthly payments of $500

No one should be on this journey alone!


Before working with Maria, I was tired and disconnected. For the past 10 years I had to put my needs aside to fulfill my roles. I wanted to put a very painful experience of my divorce behind me and Maria helped me gain a remarkable distance from it. 


After working with Maria, I am more intentional about finding time to simply check in with myself. I now feel happier with the life I have. Maria helped me practice ways to connect with myself and create little daily routines. I am more positive and I’m learning to give myself credit and praise myself for my accomplishments.


I savored the time with Maria and felt supported, even through zoom. It was just very delightful for me. I go back to the notes from our sessions and enjoy thinking through things in life that felt heavier but are now lessened. Maria is understanding, intuitive, and knowledgeable while being sensitive and compassionate to complexities we all face

-Catherine W.

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